Saturday, July 25, 2009

I pledge alligence to the flag . . . .
that is hanging from my 23 foot flagpole
in my front yard!!!
It took all four of us to put the pole in position. Daddy had a plan!!
He had set a t-post into a deep hole, poured concrete, and set a flat metal plate on top several weeks ago.
We felt like the the folks in that flag pole raising picture. Daddy welded the pole to the plate. Jorge thought that the weld wouldn't ever be strong enough. Don't worry, I assured him that if he had touched or seen anything that Daddy had welded before, he should relax. Tornados won't even bring this sucker down!!!
Mama braced the pole with the rope. I so wouldn't have put that rope on the flagpole before we started. Duh!!! How else are you gonna get it up there after we set it? Sometimes I wonder how I am able to walk!!!!
Check out that aggie engineering at work. Simple tools for a good lookin brown aggie.
So here we are (hot, sweaty, and definatly smelly) in front of the house with
our huge new flagpole!! We're so proud.
The Texas is extra special!! Daddy cut it out and he ground it SMOOTH! Really smooth! On it he engraved JP (in Fort Worth) and AZ (in the Paris area) and 2004 (0ur anniversary). Let's hear it . . . one, two three, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
We LOVE it!!!! I keep looking out of the kitchen window and find myself surprised everytime! Thank you Daddy!!! This is such an original, wonderful, and functional piece of art/heart/time/creativity!

Isn't that cool?
So, meet us at the flagpole. Oh, by the way. . . there will be NO underwear hanging from this one!

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Karl, Andrea and Kaden said...

It is not for you to decide what/who's underwear will be displayed!