Saturday, July 25, 2009

I pledge alligence to the flag . . . .
that is hanging from my 23 foot flagpole
in my front yard!!!
It took all four of us to put the pole in position. Daddy had a plan!!
He had set a t-post into a deep hole, poured concrete, and set a flat metal plate on top several weeks ago.
We felt like the the folks in that flag pole raising picture. Daddy welded the pole to the plate. Jorge thought that the weld wouldn't ever be strong enough. Don't worry, I assured him that if he had touched or seen anything that Daddy had welded before, he should relax. Tornados won't even bring this sucker down!!!
Mama braced the pole with the rope. I so wouldn't have put that rope on the flagpole before we started. Duh!!! How else are you gonna get it up there after we set it? Sometimes I wonder how I am able to walk!!!!
Check out that aggie engineering at work. Simple tools for a good lookin brown aggie.
So here we are (hot, sweaty, and definatly smelly) in front of the house with
our huge new flagpole!! We're so proud.
The Texas is extra special!! Daddy cut it out and he ground it SMOOTH! Really smooth! On it he engraved JP (in Fort Worth) and AZ (in the Paris area) and 2004 (0ur anniversary). Let's hear it . . . one, two three, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
We LOVE it!!!! I keep looking out of the kitchen window and find myself surprised everytime! Thank you Daddy!!! This is such an original, wonderful, and functional piece of art/heart/time/creativity!

Isn't that cool?
So, meet us at the flagpole. Oh, by the way. . . there will be NO underwear hanging from this one!

Friday, July 24, 2009

More 4th Pics

Sue and Mama ready to watch the show

The Da-mobile hauled kids all afternoon long. There were kids in the front, kids in the back, and some lucky ducks got to drive the Da-mobile!!
Here's Braxton ready to roll!

That good lookin brown man is soppin wet!!

Eli is armed and dangerous. He had his bucket and was ready to attack any unsuspecting person. He got several too!!

So the boys all got together to play a little soft ball. The outfielders got a little bored waiting on the hitter. So, Jacob decided to get a chair and wait.
Then, the other outfielders decided to get chairs.
Pretty soon they had all gotten chairs and had Brazos run for the ball.
It was stinkin' funny!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boom Boom Pow!!!
El 4 de julio en Paris. . .
Andrea cut some sweet, juicy sandia for two hungry sobrinos.

Brazos didn't have time to smile here. He was all business with that sandia.

Kaden as well!

My cuñado, the PYRO!! Actually Karl designed and orchestrated this amazing fireworks show for us. He worked so hard wiring all the fuses together. When it was time for the fireworks to start, he came and sat down to watch the show with US!!! I really did a double take because he always is firing the fireworks and misses the show. Not this year!! I looked around during the fireworks. I saw young and old looking up to the sky with stupid grins pasted all over their faces. Thanks Karl!! Thanks for the smiles!!! You really did such a great job!! It was great!

Neil and a very freshly wakened Brayson! He kinda likes his Mama!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Can it be? Is it true? Five years have gone by, really? Really?

My good lookin' brown man and I went to Lake Tahoe where we had our honeymoon five years ago during the last week of junio.
We had a great time!! I'll post more pictures later.

¡Gracias Jorge! ¡Te quiero mucho! Los primeros cinco años fueron llenos de experiencias de amor, comida rica, y cosas divertidas.
Dios nos ayude en los siguente cinco años.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why Hello Blogger Friends!!

Did ya miss me? I've missed me a little too! Since I last blogged, I finished six graduate hours, finished a year of kindergarten, added a class to teach at church, worked on remodeling our bedroom, started and finished a whole bunch of stuff, and then. . . . summer came!!! I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Life's a little easier now. We're getting ready for VBS. Are you ready? Hope you have a great day!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Peticures in Greenville?
The last Saturday of Spring Break my sisters and Jennifer decided we should all get together for an afternoon. The economy is tough and extra money is scarce. So, we went to the Greenville beauty school. We had a great time. They called Lyneil first. She had a very quick pedi and it looked like I painted her toes. That's right I said, "toes!" Her kids could have probable done a better job than the girl that she had. Oh well, it was only $6.00.

Next, we went. That's right. Jorge went too!!! His very first pedicure. He liked it a lot! He said, "it felt wierd at first, but then I didn't feel anything else because my skin is so caloused. I shoud have gotten a Mexican lady. We all should have."

Beauty school drop-outs!!!

Sittin' pretty! Jorge didn't get his painted. But we did!! Neil even got a hair cut! I think we shoulddo this again!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's cold outside. . . but no worries! Spring BREAK is here!!! Jorge and I will leave tomorrow night to fly to the thriving metropolis of Midland, Texas. . . on the way to La Mesa, Texas for a Zant family reunion. It will be good to see cousins and how everybody's changed in the last year and 1/2.

The rest of the time, Jorge and I are going to be working on the bedroom remodel. We have a way to go before we finish. We moved out of our bedroom right after Thanksgiving. We'll see how far we get.

Also, we're working on LTC with our kids from church. We have two different groups of kids, an older group and an elementary group. The older group has nine members and they are doing the Rich man and Lazarus skit. The younger group has, ,. . . . . wait for it. . . . 14 members. That's right. 14. Not again! They are doing a skit that has several names that Jesus is called throughout the Bible. They're both going to be great. We have some really funny guys to work with. We have this weekend off though for our trip. I'm kinda glad!

On other news, Granny Zant is in the hospital. Please pray for her that her body can be stronger and that it fights to be healthier.